Cancellation Policy

It is understandable that at any time, you may cancel your membership. There are many reasons for doing so, and we completely understand.
If you choose to cancel your membership, please use the procedures to cancel your account via the credit card processor’s website.
If you are unsure of your transactions details when you applied for membership, that the credit card processor requires in order to cancel, please contact us via our contact page and please provide as much information as you can (such as your full name, screen name, email address used to sign-up, etc.) and we will process your request.
If at anytime you are not pleased with what has to offer, please contact us so we can resolve the situation. If at all possible, please refrain from contacting your credit card provider for a “charge-back”. Charge-backs can be detremental to a merchant’s account as well as leading to a “fraudulent use” investigation of the credit card holder if it has been determined that the user has received services (used substantial site bandwidth/downloaded images/video). This kind of abuse will not be tolerated by this site as well as the credit card issuer and will be investigated to the full extent of the law.

Web Cancellation

Type in your email, credit card# and subscription ID is located in your email time of purchase
Click search, results will reveal your subscription and click cancel subscription,

Telephone Cancellation

Call CCBill 1.888.596.9279
Request to Cancel with the Customer Service Representative

Email Cancellation

Send your request to
Request the cancellation, and request a return confirmation, which will be saved for your records.

It’s that easy to cancel here! However, it’s important to remember that, if you are owed a refund, CCBill is only able to give you that refund on the original payment you used to pay for the service. This is why it’s important to have the original payment on hand, such as the credit card you’ve been using for the service.

It’s also important to ask about any subscriptions you’ve obtained while using the CCBill service, and make sure you understand how to cancel those as well.

Privacy Policy

Any personal and/or financial information that receives pertaining to your purchase of membership will not be shared with a third party unless otherwise requested by law enforcement officials in conjunction with a court order for the investigation of fraud.

Credit Card Processors

Credit Card processors, such as CCBill, provide their own privacy policies from which has NO connection or influence upon. It is recommended that you read their policies and how it may affect your privacy rights.
CCBill’s Privacy Policy: Click Here

Policy regarding SPAM

In relation to the above privacy policy of, your email address will not be shared or sold to third party advertisers commonly known as spammers. We detest spam as much as the next person.